Particularly as they relate to ophthalmology. (c) the vice chair of the committee. Upon nomination by the president-elect of the academy, the board of trustees appoints one (1) member of the committee as the committee's vice chair to serve, at the will of the board of trustees, in the place of the chair when the chair is unable to serve. (d) meetings of the committee meetings of the ethics committee are called upon at least seven (7) days' written notice to committee members, which notice includes a copy of the agenda for the meeting. A quorum consists of a majority of all the appointed committee members. Voting is by majority of those present at a meeting (or by a majority of those submitting votes in a mail vote). Mail voting without a meeting is permitted where all committee members submit mail votes or abstentions. Voting by proxy is not permitted. A member of the committee must decline to participate in the consideration of, or the decision in, any matter before the committee in which the member has a personal interest. (e) indemnification and insurance. All ethics committee members, staff, and other individuals engaged in investigations at the written request of the chair, are indemnified and defended by the academy against liability arising from committee-related activities to the extent provided by the bylaws of the academy for trustees, officers, committee members, employees and agents. The academy maintains indemnification insurance against such liability. 2. Inquiries and challenges. (a) preliminary review. discount viagra generic best price viagra for sale cheap viagra online buy viagra online cheap viagra online buy generic viagra buy cheap viagra viagra without a doctor prescription The chair preliminarily reviews each submission involving this code of ethics to consider whether it may be an inquiry (e. G. , a request for issuance by the board of trustees of an advisory opinion interpreting the rules of ethics in this code) or a challenge (i. E. , a request for a finding by the board of trustees that a fellow or member of the academy has failed to observe the rules of ethics in this code). A submission involving this code of ethics, whether or not it is designated or phrased as an inquiry or challenge, may be construed by the chair or the committee as either an inquiry or a challenge in the light of information in the submission. Inquiries may be considered without regard to their means or form of submission. Challenges relating to information not in the public domain are not considered unless they are submitted in writing and signed by their submitters. Inquiries or challenges may be submitted by ophthalmologists (whether or not they are fellows or members of the academy), other physicians,.
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